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Submerged Arc Furnace
Submerged Arc Furnace

Submerged arc furnace is the main equipment for producing ferroalloy and calcium carbide of chemical industry. There are various types of ferroalloy. The leading products of the company include ferrochrome furnace, silico-manganese furnace, ferrosilicon furnace, and ferronickel furnace etc. The company can also design and manufacture calcium carbide furnace, industrial silicon furnace, electroslag furnace and various other special furnaces. At the same time, the company can correspondingly design and manufacture various refining equipment.

Submerged arc furnace construction or reconstruction projects have strong systematicness and are suitable for adoption of project contracting mode, including EPC, EP, PC etc., which can be selected according to user's requirements. The company can undertake partial contracting project and overall contracting turnkey project of the above various modes. There are various types of parts and components of submerged arc furnace, and the company undertakes the orders for all kinds of wearing parts and spare parts all year round.

  • 冶炼中(Smelting)
  • 炉盖-(Furnace-Roof)
  • 出铁(Tapping)
  • 组合式把持器(Combined-Holder)
  • 开堵眼机(Opener-Mutgun)
  • 送料系统(Material-Feeding-System)