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Ladle Refning Furnace (LF)
Ladle Refning Furnace (LF)

Basing on structure style, the ladle refining furnace is divided into heating bridge type, fourth column type, arm rotating type and ladle turret type for selection. As one of the leading products, the furnace tonnage that can be designed and manufactured ranges from 10 tons to 300 tons. Xi'an Pengyuan can design and manufacture furnaces that meet various production and technical requirements, and can provide customized design and manufacture of auxiliary systems such as alloy charging etc. for customers.

Ladle refining furnace is the equipment for refining the molten steel from primary melting furnace such as electric arc furnace, converter, and open-hearth furnace etc. It can also adjust molten steel temperature and provide process buffering to meet production requirements of continuous casting and continuous rolling etc. The ladle refining furnace designed by the company focuses on energy saving and consumption reduction, and is of excellent workmanship, can effectively reduce the usage cost and product manufacturing cost for customer.

  • LF-75t(无锡雪丰 China)
  • LF-200t(武钢 China)
  • LF-120t(舞钢 China)
  • LF-150t(沙特 SaudiArabia)