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Electric Arc Furnace
Electric Arc Furnace

Electric arc furnace steelmaking is the main method for producing medium, high alloy steel and highquality steel. The basic process of electric arc furnace steelmaking includes slagging-off and fettling, metal charge feeding, power transmission, melting, oxidation, reduction refning and tapping. Basing on power matching, it is divided into normal power, high power and ultra power. Basing on roof rotation mechanism,it can be divided into independent foundation, conjoined foundation, large pivotal bearing and four connecting link structure. There are left operation and right operation types for selection. Basing on material charging mode, it could be divided into continuous charging and non-continuous charging. As one of the leading products, the furnace tonnage that can be independently designed and manufactured ranges from 10 tons to 220 tons.

The company has the ability to digest various advanced technologies and can provide users with various types of products which can be designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of users. The company is developing the energy-saving and low-cost production technology with high effciency and low energy consumption, the green key process technology, the intelligent manufacturing technology, and the special steel smelting technology with high value-added, with the research direction mainly for the whole process of short-flow steelmaking, thus realizes the functions of continuous feeding,scrap preheating, waste heat recovery and intelligent smelting etc. so as to achieve low dioxin emission,environmental protection, high efficiency and energy conservation

  • EAF-35t(越南-Vietnam)
  • EAF-60t-(新疆昆仑钢铁-China)
  • EAF-120t(舞钢-China)
  • EAF-50t(巴西-Brazil)
  • EAF-60t(浦项-Pohang)
  • EAF-120t(寿光-China)
  • EAF-80t-(德阳二重-China)
  • EAF-120t-(鼎信-China)
  • EAF-70t(攀成钢-China)
  • 连续加料电弧炉产品-(康斯迪)
  • 连续加料电弧炉产品-(康斯迪)